* E Challan System Launched
From the Desk of Superintendent of Police Bhopal(HQ) - 

Traffic Police is engaged in fulfilling our core mission of maintaining law and order on the roads and promoting road traffic safety,

Our roads are likely to get busier with the expected increase in the vehicle and human population, as well as an upswing in economic activities. Among road users, motorcyclists and their pillion riders continue to be a key concern as they remain the most vulnerable group.
Therefore, it is important that motorists do their part by watching out for vulnerable groups like motorcyclists, as well as pedestrians and pedal cyclists. In addition, the public should also adopt a mindset of zero-tolerance towards irresponsible behaviour on our roads. Ensuring that our roads are safe requires continuous effort from everyone – not just the authorities. While Traffic Police will continue with their efforts in the areas of enforcement and education, road safety is ultimately dependent on the safety mindset and continuous effort of every road user.

Traffic Police website provides information about traffic rules and road safety . It is a platform for the common road user to interact with traffic police by putting on her/his suggestions & complaints. It would prove to be useful for the common road user as it will answer most of the queries a common man has about traffic and road safety . This website would bring more transparency in police working and would act as a bond between police and public.